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May 3rd, 2007

09:40 pm: I mowed my lawn at 9 o'clock pm tonight. Had no choice. It *had* to be done. Grass was getting near my knees and all my neighbors have these nice trim lawns. I bet the noise annoyed them a little bit, but I bet they were glad I got it done. I don't think people like their neighbors to have a neglected yard. Will be funny if there is a big stripe that I missed because it was so dark.

Current Music: The Beatles - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

April 2nd, 2007

08:43 pm: Based on a True Story
On Thursday of last week, as I was traveling to class on a warm, sunny day, I stopped to grab some burritos and have a bite before class. Sitting in my car,as I began to partake in my most beloved dietary supplement, my nostrils began screaming at my brain about this repugnant odor coming from my ventilation system. Inspected the tires when I got to class. Nothing.

My first assumption was that I ran over something nasty, or something nasty got splashed on/under my car. Okay, fine. I endured. On my return trip from class, there wasn't the faintest hint. "Cool, my first guess was correct", I said to myself (not out loud).

It wasn't until 4 days later, on a very hot day that my senses, once again, became assailed with putridness. "Allright, what the hell is going on". Stopped to get some gas. Yanked open the hood to find the eyes of a squirrel staring me in the face, its claw grabbing on to the top of the flywheel rim. Upon further insepection, it became clear that the midsection of the animal had a noticable gap. It looked like it was hanging on for dear life before it perished.

I felt bad for the squirrel, but being in a pragmatic sort of mood, I decided to try to pull and prod it out with a stick found near the edge of the station. This was not a good idea. As soon as it started to become disloged; it crumbled into pieces as I clumisly tried to extract, falling deep into the engine of my car, and under the engine. Note that my car has parts *very* close together that are nearly impossible to squeeze a mortal hand through.

After many attempts at removing the remnants of the decayed, vile beast, such as running high pressure water from a hose under the hood, I was able to jack up the car and remove some of the lower paneling. After scraping under the engine, the various physiological components of the intruder spilled out onto the driveway. The odor was nausiating. My neighbour, being an astute observer, noticed that tail had no fur on it. Alas, it was a rat.

I imagine I'll be enduring a pleasant breeze of cooked rat bits and innards until it charcoals or decomposes.

Current Music: Bubbles - System of a Down

February 4th, 2007

08:51 pm: Being over 25, there are still some things that surprise me. One thing that I realized today (as I watch the superbowl (and inadverdantly reminded myself of something that has brushed my mind frequently in recent days)) is that my fingernails grow really fast, faster than I would prefer.

December 2nd, 2006

09:03 pm: Why I hate normal radio staions - besides comercials, and broadcasters announcing random things I don't care about, the actual musical content is such that I only like 1 out of 20 songs I hear, and this is on stations I like, either because I never liked the song, or I used to like it and they overplayed it to death.

Why I like iTunes - I can find everything I like, even things I didn't know I liked and only pay 99 cents for something that will be me future enjoyment for years to come. I used to by whole CDs for over 15 bucks for one song I liked. Add to that a portable player and life is good no matter where you happen to find yourself.

Current Music: L.A. Guns - Crystal Eyes

September 26th, 2006

03:11 am: Was reading my previous journal post and reminded by the notion of getting chills down the spine. I'm sure it happens for all different reasons in different people. I get the sensation when I see an emotional act in a movie, hear the star spangled banner during a football game, when I hear something that I know is true, but not often spoken of, and during other activities. I haven't researched this phenomenon, but I'm sure it relates to something essential in the human soul.

September 14th, 2006

08:51 pm: As far as I know...
I am the only person in the world who can not handle the sound, is physically repulsed by, and gets chills down their spine by the sound styrofoam makes when it rubs against itself or any hard surface like a box. I guess it's similar to the chalkboard thing that people don't like, which doesn't affect me, so it may just be a different frequency of sound that drives me nuts.

May 26th, 2006

05:56 pm: '101 Ways to Sleep Comfortably in an Office Chair'

The title of my next publication...

May 18th, 2006

12:43 am: The rain is here and you, my dear,
Are still my friend
It's true the two of us are back as one again

I was the one who left you
Always coming back I cannot forget you girl
Now I am up in arms again

Together now I don't know how this love could end
My lonely heart it falls apart
For you to mend

I was the one who left you
Always coming back I cannot forget you girl
Now I am up in arms again

Current Music: Foo Fighters - Up In Arms

April 29th, 2006

10:36 pm: I'm alergic to green tea.

April 13th, 2006

12:32 am: "Mass. Governor OKs Landmark Health Bill"
I guess it is impartial to the disinclined lower class because if they choose
not to get health care, they won't miss the tax deductions because
they pay barely any taxes. The wealthy won't care because either their
company provides it, or they can easily afford it. The middle class is
probably caught somewhere such that it only affects those who do not
"automatically" get health care from their workplace. Therefore, the
economic net result is that more of the middle class becomes lower in
stature. This will tend toward more of an hourglass distribution (on
the bottom end). Of course, the bottom line is that the state takes in
more dough and escalates the attack on personal civil liberty.

Current Music: Rush - Time Stands Still
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